Our evidence-based approach combines elements from strategic communications, behaviour change marketing and social science. We focus on helping organizations to create the effective partnerships needed to achieve positive social and environmental change. 

Why work with us?
  • We'll be honest with you about what you need to do to achieve your essential behaviour change goals;
  • We'll help you mobilize the support and resources you need;
  • As your independent advisor, we'll help to create the genuine partnerships you need to really make things happen. 
What services do we provide? 
Our strategic advice focuses on the following key planning services:​
  1. Behaviour Change Strategies
  2. Communications Strategies
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategies
  4. Organizational Wellbeing Strategies*

Landscape Map 

Developing a Landscape Map is a good first step in developing your strategy. It can help you to determine:

  • The information required and how to get it?

  • Who needs to be involved and how to manage this process? 

  • The resources and timeframe required to achieve success? 

Once this map is in place we can then help to guide you further by building the plan needed to bring together the right information, partners and resources to achieve success.

For more details call:

Jane Gibson: 021 747 897

Steve Menzies: 027 777 2018


Behaviour Change Strategies

We'll work with you to define your behavioural challenge and your objectives. We'll also help you engage key stakeholders and mobilize the resources you need to turn your strategy into a fully-fledged behaviour change campaign. We can help you design your research, evaluation and the monitoring systems you need to ensure that you can demonstrate the success of your investment.  An effective Behaviour Change Strategy enables you to:

  • Define specific and measurable behavioural objectives that have a real impact on the problem you are trying to address

  • Segment your audience based on behaviour

  • Develop critical customer insights

  • Demonstrate to your stakeholders that you're serious about achieving measurable and sustainable change. 


Communications Strategies

Design an integrated Communications Strategy that will help you to enhance your visibility, advocate for change, mobilize resources or reposition your brand. We talk directly with your staff, customers and stakeholders to ensure that you have a strategy that is based on genuine insights and a detailed understanding of your communications and engagement landscape. We can define the tools that you will need to achieve your objectives including digital marketing; unpaid media and; direct relationship marketing.  Having an effective Communications Strategy helps you to:

  • Define key objectives and audiences

  • Improve your messaging

  • Develop authentic partnerships

  • Increase your visibility and revenue

  • Mobilize support and resources for more in-depth change initiatives.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategies

We can help you to make the most of your CSR investment by ensuring its aligned with your vision, brand, culture and partnerships. As an independent organisation with extensive experience in achieving positive social and environmental outcomes, we are often approached by different organizations who want to make sure that their CSR strategies clearly match their communications, behaviour change and wellbeing strategies.  The integrated, strategic nature of our work means that we are being increasingly sought after to ensure that organizations take a  "joined-up" approach to the development and implementation of their CSR strategies. 


Organizational Wellbeing Strategies 

We can design and deliver an effective organizational wellbeing programme that uses the same evidence-based approach that we use for all of our behaviour change work. Successful organizations develop effective programmes by listening to their staff and managers and by involving them directly in the design and implementation of plans that are fully aligned with their culture and their external brand.  Developing an authentic and effective wellbeing programme will help your organization to:

  • Attract and retain high-quality staff

  • Enhance partnerships 

  • Improve customer satisfaction. 

As part of developing and implementing your wellbeing strategy, we will help you to:

  • Review your existing wellbeing programme including any current data or insights relating to wellbeing and identify and fill any knowledge gaps.

  • Manage and design training programmes for employees and managers

  • Develop targeted team-based activities and initiatives that improve wellbeing

  • Create online and printed resources.