Marketing for Good

Why work with us?

Since 2015 Flinch has been helping its partners achieve positive impacts for communities, stakeholders and society. 

Our evidence-based approach combines behaviour change marketing, community participation and genuine partnerships to achieve sustained, measurable change. 

We believe that lasting success is based on creating real alignment between behavioural insights, strategic planning, system change and bold leadership.


We are proudly based in Wellington, New Zealand and we work with a global network of behaviour change professionals who share our values. 

The Founders

Steve Menzies - director


Steve has worked on programmes to improve social, health and environmental outcomes in more than 30 countries. 


Steve began his career in the commercial sector, as the marketing manager for several engineering and environmental consultancies, before joining the UN system in 2004 with the SPREP/UNDP International Waters Programme based in Samoa, and then based in Istanbul with the Black Sea Ecosystem Recovery Project


In 2006 Steve helped to establish the National Social Marketing Centre (NSMC) in the UK where he was responsible for: advising on the design of national behaviour change programmes; designing the NSMC's "learn by doing" training programme; and developing its global business strategy with new clients in countries such as Jordan, Vietnam and China. 


Today Steve regularly speaks at international conferences and delivers training workshops on the design and delivery of effective behaviour change programmes. 


Jane Gibson - director

Jane's work focuses on improving mental wellbeing for organizations and communities. Jane's experience comes from a background in psychology and industrial relations together with more than 16 years of practical experience in human resources, social marketing and mental health.