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We work closely with our clients to increase support for new policies and approaches that help to improve wellbeing for people and the planet. 

Case Study: Comprehensive Sexuality Education - A Foundation for Life & Love

Flinch supported UNESCO to develop a global advocacy campaign to increase support for Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in Latin America, Asia and Africa.  CSE is recognised as an age-appropriate, culturally relevant approach to teaching young people about sexuality and relationships.

The campaign is already increasing worldwide discussions about providing young people with comprehensive sexuality education

This global advocacy campaign was designed to help policymakers develop a greater understanding of key benefits of CSE for individuals, families and countries. The campaign was designed to personalize the issues around CSE by asking people to reflect on their own experiences of sex education and how this could be improved for future generations.  


In order to do this Flinch helped UNESCO to produce a range of online video stories and interactive materials focused on highlighting the benefits of CSE in four different countries including: Chile; Ghana; Thailand; and the UK. The global advocacy campaign

focused on the power of sharing intergeneration stories, highlighting many of the shared issues around the embarrassment and awkwardness of talking about issues related to sexuality.

The campaign, titled 'Comprehensive Sexuality Education: A Foundation for Life & Love',  is already helping stakeholders around the world to increase discussion about the personal, community and global benefits of providing younger people with greater knowledge and skills about sexuality and relationships. 


The 'Foundation for Life and Love' campaign outside UNESCO Headquarters in Paris 

for World AIDS day. 

IMG_4327 2_edited.png

Ambassador of Sweden to the OECD and UNESCO at the launch of the #CSEandme campaign.

A policy maker from Cambodia at the opening of the Thai exhibition with Mai's photo

A policy maker from Cambodia at the opening of the exhibition in Thailand

with Mai's photo.

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