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Guardians of the Pacific

We helped the Pacific Community (SPC) create this hugely popular series about community fishers who are helping to increase the adoption of sustainable fishing practices across the Pacific Islands region. The entertaining and educational series is being shared via local television stations, social media platforms, and outreach events to help raise awareness of sustainable fisheries practices. On social media alone the series has had more than half a million views across the region. 

Link to full series: YouTube playlist 

Tabwena from Kiribati 

Residing in Buariki, Kiribati, Tabwena collects and sells sea-worms from the ocean shores to earn income to her family. 

Jane from Papua New Guinea

A mother, fisher and elementary school teacher, Jane uses fishing line and hooks while fishing from the shallows to provide protein for her family. 

Anzac Day from Samoa

Anzac Day, a matai from Salamumu Village in Samoa, discusses the steps his community is taking to sustain their ocean resources. 

Bermy from the Cook Islands 

In the Cook Islands, Bermy uses her spear-gun to ensure that she only takes what she needs to feed her family.

Billy & Martha from Papua New Guinea

Billy and Martha depend on the mangroves for the supply of mud crabs to sell at market.  Martha learned the methods of catching mud crabs from her mother and Billy currently leads an initiative called "People helping People" which works to conserve areas of the mangroves to allow mud crabs populations to regrow. 

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