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Building Climate Resilient Infrastructure in the Pacific

We work closely with the World Bank on a range of projects that are helping to increase the climate resilience of schools and urban infrastructure.

Building Safer Schools in the Pacific | 

Assessments of over 6000 schools in Tonga, Samoa and Vanuatu found that 50-90% of their buildings were not disaster-ready  The Safer Schools Project is working with local governments and communities to to build, retrofit and maintain these buildings so that students can continue their education despite impacts from cyclones and other disasters. 

Five Steps to Safer Schools

This fun video was designed to encourage local communities to take simple steps to maintain their local school buildings.  

Rising Sea Levels for Pacific Nations | What are the Legal Impacts?

This video outlines the legal implications of rising sea levels for Small Island nations. 

Marshall Islands: New Climate Study Visualizes Risk of Projected Sea Level Rise

This video show how a 100-year visualization tool is helping the Marshall Islands to plan for the increasing impacts of sea level rise.

VARS | Vanuatu Affordable and Resilient
Settlements Project 

Port Vila is home to around 40% of Vanuatu’s population. The Vanuatu Affordable and Resilient Settlements (VARS) Project is helping to make Port Vila’s urban settlements more resilient to the increasing impacts of climate change.

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