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Capacity in Ocean 

We are helping the Pacific Community Centre for Ocean Science (PCCOS) to strengthen efforts to build capacity in ocean science as part of the UN's Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030).

Danny Shadrech | Oceanographer 

Danny Shadrech, is the only Oceanographer working at the Solomon Islands Met Service to help improve the way weather conditions are communicated to those at sea. 

Combining Science & Traditional Knowledge 

Rangi Mitaera-Johnson, a pearl farmer from Cook Islands, talks about how she weaves traditional and scientific knowledge to manage the increasing impacts of climate change. 

Kiribati's only Wave Buoy 

Wave buoys provide crucial information to fishers and help Meteorogical Services developing accurate ocean and coastal inundation forecasts for Pacific peoples. Watch how the Kiribati Meteorological Service was able to retrieve the sole wave buoy deployed there after it was stolen

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