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for the Pacific

We are supporting efforts to scale up the sustainable management of coastal and oceanic fisheries across the Pacific Islands region. 

Creating a healthy snack for the Solomon Islands | Wagina Seaweed Snacks

SPC provided innovative training to try and help the people of Wagina to produce healthy seaweed snacks in order to reduce their reliance on overseas exports. 

Small Business Resilience in Tonga | South Pacific Mozuku 

This inspirational video shows how Masa Kawaguchi and his team from South Pacific Mozuku overcame the challenges posed by the COVID-19 and the volcanic eruption that struck Tonga in January 2022.  

The Pacific Coral Reef Action Plan | Overview Film

Climate change is accelerating the destruction of coral reefs. The Pacific Coral Reef Action Plan is an initiative designed to conserve coral reefs by integrating traditional knowledge, science and community action. 

Kiribati: Fisheries Enforcement Officers in action 

This video shows how the training of Kiribati's fisheries officers is helping to enforce local regulations and protect vital fishing resources.

Anchored FADs in the Cook Islands

In the Cook Islands, SPC is providing training and guidance on the deployment of fish aggregating devices or FADs to help reduce pressure on inshore fisheries. 

Feeling the Heat | Pacific Tuna

SPC is helping Pacific Island countries to address the challenges posed by climate change as it forces vital tuna fisheries to move eastwards beyond their EEZ's. 

The Green Climate Fund Regional Tuna Programme

We are supporting the development of the $70m GCF Regional Tuna Programme through the production of a series of information products. 

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