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Climate & Oceans Support Program

Flinch has been helping the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and its partners to communicate the key achievements of the Climate and Oceans Support Program in the Pacific (COSPPac).


This work shows how COSPPac is helping Pacific Island nations use climate and ocean data to help manage key sectors such agriculture, fisheries, tourism, energy, infrastructure, public health and disaster risk reduction.


Flinch is also helping BOM in its work with local partners to help local communities prepare and respond to increasing impacts from climate related events such as King Tides in Tuvalu and droughts in the Cook Islands.

Local Talent. Getting Prepared.

TikTok influencer, Nga Ratumu (Cook Islands) and youth advocate Talua Nivaga (Tuvalu) get prepared for climate events like king tides and El Niño.

How to Prepare for King Tides with Talua Nivaga
Saving Water in Drought Season with Nga
Keeping Clean, Saving Water with Nga

Ensuring High-Quality Sea Level Data for Pacific Communities | PSLGM

The Pacific has a network of 14 tide gauge stations throughout the region, providing vital sea level rise data for decision-makers and fishing communities dependent on their oceans. 

After the Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai eruption in Tonga, January 2022, the network was used in the recovery period to understand the impacts on populated coastal areas. This research will improve alerting of natural disasters in the Pacific region. 

COSPPac2 Achievements

A Resourceful Database for past and current
Pacific Climate data | CliDE

First released in 2009, this database known as Climate Data for the Environment (CliDE) is helping Pacific Island countries access both current and archival meteorological data.


Archival and current information on rainfall, temperature and sea level provides data to a range of vital services for Pacific communities, such as maximising hydropower generation and assisting with public health services.

Enhancing Climate and Ocean Prediction | SPP

The Seasonal Prediction Project (SPP) is helping Pacific Island met. services provide tailored outlooks to key stakeholders, including scientists and farmers, that rely on updates on climate conditions.


New tools are instilling confidence in met. service teams to accurately measure oncoming rainfall, forecast climate conditions for specific locations and monitor their oceans changes.

Improving Climate Communication for the Pacific | CCU

COSPPac or the Climate and Oceans Support Program in the Pacific is helping Pacific met. Services and their communities become more climate resilient. 

The Coordination and Communications Unit (CCU) ensures scientific messages are communicated in clear, relevant messaging by considering traditional knowledge, implementing capacity development and ensuring gender and social inclusion.

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