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We work with our clients to create digital content that helps  to achieve their communications and behaviour change objectives.  

Case study: New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Since 2017 Flinch has worked closely with New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade (MFAT)  to highlight  international efforts to address climate change, protect marine ecosystems and to promote trade as a force for good around the world.

fightING climate change

Flinch worked with MFAT to produce a series of short animations on New Zealand's efforts to introduce the Zero Carbon Bill. 

Climate Change Animations for MFAT

Climate Change Animations for MFAT

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Benefits of Trade

Flinch is helping MFAT to highlight the local benefits of export trade by showcasing companies such as Kai Ora Honey. 


Flinch helped MFAT  to highlight the international collaboration that resulted in the creation of the Ross Sea as the largest Marine Protected Area on earth.  

The Ross Sea
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